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This fundraising giveaway is being put together by FB's Official FOG - SUPDEF - Bald Bros - THF Buy/Sell/Trade group and IGs in conjunction with Moonridge Operations and 951 Tactical. 100% of funds raised will be donated to the Firearm Policy Coalition (FPC) so they can fight the good fight and protect our 2A rights. We are also doing this giveaway to celebrate our group hitting 10k members and the group’s 1st anniversary! This giveaway will also help you guys, the group members to possibly win some hard-to-find cool swag. 


 All donations will be made using the website link provided at the bottom of this page. Each “ticket” purchase will equal one entry into the giveaway. The donation period will open up at 0800 PST, 05 March and will remain open till 2000, 25 March.  Each time you purchase a ticket you must enter your US mailing address and your Facebook name verbatim as it shows on Facebook. We will be using this name to enter your entries into the giveaway and to announce the winners. Once the period for ticket purchases has closed, we will tally all the entries and each day we will run an IG live and the name will be drawn using a name generator. We will be doing a total of 5 days of giveaways. A random, different winner will be picked for each day with the last day being the grand prize package. 


 Every individual $17.76 donation will count for 1 entry into the giveaway. If you would like to purchase multiple entries, you will need to conduct a separate transaction on the website for every ticket you would like to purchase for the giveaway. There are no limits on how many entries you can donate for, as it only increases your likelihood of being selected, however, you will only be able to win one prize pack. Purchasing tickets separately will help us to track all entries and make sure you get all entries inputted into the name pool. Anyone can donate, but to be selected as a prize winner, you must have a US mailing address.  

**  In order to claim any of the the prizes, you must currently be a member of the Official-FOG-Supdef- THF fb group  **

 If you have any questions, please contact either Blaine Templeton or Keinard Post directly via Facebook Messenger.

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