What is your lead time?

  • Our current up to date lead time on orders are listed on the checkout page. 

How is my order shipped?

  • All orders are shipped using USPS.

Do you offer custom prints?

  • We offer over 40 different custom prints please contact us for custom orders. See Custom Orders page.

Do you have other colors?

  • We offer over 100 different colors, prints and camo's. Please Contact Us for custom orders. See the Custom Orders page to look at some of the colors and prints that we offer.
  • We can also get almost anything custom printed. Please contact us regarding custom prints.

Do you make holsters for other moldels?

  • Please Contact Us  for other models not listed and we can discuss the available options. We are always adding new models to the website.

Should I Loc-tite my hardware/screws?

  • Yes, We do not Loc-tite any hardware so that you can make adjustments to your holster. Once you have made the adjustments you like take the screws out and add 1 drop of BLUE Loc-tite and re-assemble your hardware.

What is your holster warranty?

  • If your holster or product breaks due to normal use, we will replace it. 
  • If you damage or break you holster by stepping on it, your dog eats it or you leave it in your car on a hot summer day. We do not cover that.
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